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EMS Summer Conditioning Schedule Update

EMS Families,
We apologize for any confusion about the summer conditioning schedule changes.  There has been a lapse in communication somewhere, and we need to get everyone on the same page.
The schedule for EMS Summer workouts are as follows:
Monday/Thursday:  6-8 Boys Conditioning from 8:00-8:45 AM.  6-8 Girls conditioning from 8:45-9:30, with girls basketball following.
Tuesday/Wednesday:  6-8 Girls conditioning from 8:00-8:45.  6-8 Boys conditioning from 8:45-9:30, with basketball following for 7th and 8th boys only.
Again, we apologize for any confusion.  We had to make some changes due to a coaching schedule conflict.  An email was sent out last week but I don't think it made it to the 6th grade parents.  The kids have been doing an awesome job thus far, and we're excited about what the rest of the summer will bring!
Please let us know if you have any questions!