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EMS Hybrid/Remote Plan & Attendance Procedures

Dear EMS Families,

Please click on this link if you would like to watch a video of this message.

I first would like to say thank you for your patience and grace that you have given us during this time.  I also want to say we are sorry that we have not been able to answer many of your questions and provide information to you as quickly as we had hoped.  I hope we are able to provide you with information this week that starts to allow you a chance to get a better picture of what school will look like.  I know you will have questions and we will do our best to walk everyone through the process.  Tonight's communication will be based on what our Hybrid schedule will look like and how we will be taking attendance.  We are hopeful that once we have our finalized numbers from enrollment that we will be able to announce the exact split for the Hybrid Groups by tomorrow.

We are looking at our curriculum in a whole new way, changing how we approach education, making sure we follow all guidelines so we can keep all students and staff safe, and also trying to figure out how to get 1116 required hours in while trying to do this all in little time.  Some days it feels like we are putting a square peg into a round hole.  I also know all of you families are going through many difficulties trying to figure out what your children will be doing when their Hybrid cohorts are at home, whether to send your child to school or not, and the many other challenges that you are facing.  Below is a breakdown of how our Hybrid/Remote Model will look and how we will be taking attendance for students in Hybrid and Remote.

Hybrid A/B Model (AA/R/BB) 

  • Teachers will create two live/recorded lessons and three remote lessons.  Two of those remote lessons will be having the students complete assignments, projects and activities learned from the live/recorded lessons that they receive from their teachers .  
  • The other remote lesson will be teaching/lecture/discussion just like a live lesson would be but just remote.  
  • Three days of the week will be used as “teaching” days and two days a week are for “application” days for the students.
  • Group A and B may not be on the same schedule.  This allows the teacher to work with a cohort group that is in-person for those two days.  
    • This does not mean that the other group will be off but rather will be working on projects/assignments/work assigned.
    • Some teachers may have them watch pre-recorded lessons at home and apply in the classroom such as a Flip Classroom Model.
  • For all Remote students, we want to make sure they feel just as part of EMS as the students coming in-person.  To accomplish this we need to have them assigned to a group which will be Group B.
    • This will allow students to be able to collaborate with students in their class and feel part of the class rather than just being a student at home by themselves.
  • The teacher may have the remote students join live via zoom, while Group B is in person, or they will be watching pre-recorded lessons.
  • Remote students will still have access to ask questions and receive one and one support from their teachers.  This could occur during Group B’s in-person days, via email, zooming during their team plan or on Wednesday when all students are home remote.
  • Attendance will be taken differently for students in the A/B Cohort groups and students that are fully Remote which is broken down into more detail below.

Attendance for HYBRID STUDENTS during the Hybrid and Remote Phases

  • We are taking attendance for both in-person and hybrid students (that are home for the other three days) every day and every class period.  This includes the remote day on Wednesday.
  • For Hybrid students, we are accountable for attendance whether they are on-site or at home.
  • Teachers will be having students join via zoom to fill out a Google Form each class period.
    • We know it will be difficult for students to remember when each class period begins.
    • Teachers will create Google Calendar invites for each hour that has the links for Zoom and the Google Form.
    • If the internet is spotty causing Zoom to not work, students will be able to fill out a Google Form.
    • Once attendance is taken for HYBRID students, then the group that is home for the 2 days will get off zoom or out of the google form.
      • They will then be able to start working on the assignment/project/lesson that was assigned by the teacher.
      • If a student is having trouble getting logged in to have attendance taken, the parent can notify the office so we can mark them present for that hour.


  • Remote students have had their families choose this option so they are responsible for verifying the daily attendance.
  • Remote students are ONLY required to check in with a staff member once a day.
    • This is because the parent and student will be completing a verification form for attendance that is due to the office weekly.
      • Can be sent via fax, email, or dropped off.
    • This will occur during students' SOAR class.
      • All students will be joining this class.
      • This will be a time to check in with students, check grades, build relationships, offer help on assignments, or see if they need additional support.
      • Teachers will also be working with students on skills like how to send a proper email, how to ask for help, how to utilize the tools available and what information they need for that day and week.

Families, we must all come together during this school year.  We are committed to our plan but we also must be flexible in our approach.  We know that some of you may struggle with our process and with trying to figure it all out but we want you all to know we will work with you.  Are there things that we all have to do that we don’t like? Yes of course, but we can figure out a way if we unite.  Some will wonder how that is possible but I ask that we work together to make it happen.  I don’t have all the answers to you today but we are moving forward.  That is the Eudora way and why not just EMS is so special but that Eudora Schools is so special.  I ask that we all please stop picking sides, making this political and fighting with one another. Instead, unite together...which is what is best for our STUDENTS!  We are here for your YOU!!

Thank you,


Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal