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EMS Cohort Groups & Arrival Procedures

Dear EMS Families,

In tonight’s communication I am happy to tell you how the cohort groups will be split up and also talk about arrival procedures for the school year.  Again thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we navigate this uncharted waters.  


Knowing which group your students will be in is one of the biggest factors parents are needing to have established.  Here are the parameters we will be working from as a district.  The indicators are based on the student’s last name.

  1. Group A will be A - J
  2. Group B will be K - Z
  3. Blended Families: Base the cohort determination off of the last name of the oldest student in the household.
    1. For Example if the oldest student in the family/household last name is Thomas but others in the household have Abel as their last name, then all the students in the household would be placed in Group B.


  • Students will not be allowed to come to the building until 7:45.  If parents bring them before they will be told to stay in their vehicles.  
  • Students being dropped off will go through the front doors and will be temp checked, asked screening questions and then will proceed to grab sack breakfast and then to 1st hour or straight to class.  
  • Students coming off the bus will already have been temp checked and screened, so they will go through the west hallway by the Computers room.  They will go get sack breakfast if they choose and then they report right to 1st hour.  This will prevent so many students coming through the front doors.
  • We will not be going to the gym in the morning.  Only students practicing with their team will be allowed in the gym in the morning.  

A final note on the things we need students to do when arriving on-site for their orientation day and every in-person learning day going forward.  Each student will:

  • Wear a mask anytime they are in the building. They will also wear a mask outside the building when they are in the proximity of others, while on campus or at school events.
  • Adhere to social distancing as best as possible; this is the 6 foot rule.
  • Practice good hygiene techniques; this includes the frequent washing of hands.
  • Please review the COVID-19 symptoms list; if you have two or more, please stay home. Review the district webpage to find a posted listing of the known symptoms.
  • All students will have a temperature check completed and screened as they enter the building.
  • Once the school day ends, we ask students to leave the building from their last class period.  There will be no loitering after school and we ask our students to continue safe practices connected to prevention of the spread.

Families, we are also looking at a schedule for having 6th grade and New student orientation.  Once we have what that schedule will look like, we will communicate with families.  We will have to spread it out much more than we have in the past to allow us to keep group sizes down. 

Thank you for your support,


Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal