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School Supplies & Remote Learning

Dear EMS Families,

This communication is meant to give you some more information about supplies available for families and remote learning details.  Additionally, the district will be communicating adjustments made to the district's bus shuttle schedule to families tomorrow evening.  

Eudora families in need of assistance for school supplies please submit an online request to the Bird's Nest The Eudora Schools Foundation is able to provide backpacks and school supplies for families in need grades preschool through high school. 

Below you will find information for those families who have chosen the 100% Remote Only option.

Remote Learning Plan

  • Families who chose this model for one or more children in their family will be a part of the Eudora School District and can participate in extracurricular activities and sports.
  • Families that selected this as their option will need to have reliable internet accessibility.
  • All communication, instruction, assignments, assessments, and interactions will take place between a Eudora Middle School teacher and the student/parent via the internet.  Google Classroom will be the platform used.
  • Teachers may have paper assignments, projects, novels, textbooks, and other items that they could want their remote students to have.  
    • We will set up a pickup and drop off for Remote Families once a week.  Families will be able to pick up and drop off items by pulling up and we can pick up at your car or at the door.  
    • This would include the attendance log that families are required to fill out each week.  
    • Each student will have 2 folders: one for taking home that includes items from the teacher and the other being dropped off to give back to the teacher/office.
  • The state has identified that each student in this model will need to maintain the 1116 hours as mandated by the Kansas Department of Education.  This means that middle school students will need to log 6.5 hours of educational content assigned by the teacher daily.  Families will be completing this log daily based on what the teacher had assigned.  This is how the teachers, parents, and students will be held accountable by KSDE for what is done remotely.
  • Each student in this model will need to have daily contact with the teacher to maintain attendance and accountability.  
    • This will occur everyday at 3:02 during students' SOAR class period.
    • However, teachers will be connecting with students multiple times throughout the day to ensure a more engaging and rigorous educational experience.  
    • Teachers will not be teaching live for the full 6.5 hours of time.
      • For example: students could be assigned reading, watching videos, completing assignments, taking notes, etc. 
    • Teachers could send pre-recorded lessons for Remote students to watch.
    • Remote students do not have to follow our 8:05 - 3:30 schedule but are required to still log 6.5 hours and to be present during SOAR period at 3:02 via zoom.
  • Our grading policy will maintain a high level of expectations.  This will replicate what is normally done in the classroom.
  • It is important to understand that attendance and grading are not the same thing.
  • We ask that adults assisting the students at home not provide the answers for the student, but instead are there to provide structure and guidance. 

We are asking that Remote Families come and pick up their chromebook and bag on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  We are open from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  You can come to the door or call and we will bring them out to your vehicle.  Even if your child has their chromebook we have a computer bag that each student will need.  This is to protect the chromebook while at home.  

We will also have all Remote students join zoom classes with their teachers, principals and other support staff on Thursday, September 3rd at 12:30 pm.  Students will be able to meet their teachers and hear more about what classes will be like.  This will be their half day of school and will not be joining the A and B groups on the morning of September 3rd and 4th.  

Thank you for your support and grace as we navigate these uncharted waters.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal