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2020-2021 School Year Is Finally Here

Dear EMS Families,

School finally starts tomorrow for Group A and Remote Students.  Group B, Friday will be here before we know it.  We are excited to see ALL of our students, whether they are in-person or remote.  Thank you for all of your patience and grace that you have given all of us during this time.  I would ask that you continue to give us more as we navigate these uncharted waters.  We have worked hard to be prepared but we also will be getting used to this new "normal".  Below are some reminders for students and families before they come to the school on Thursday or Friday and also information for remote families first day Thursday afternoon.

Student cannot start lining up until 7:45 or when we give the signal that you can leave your vehicles.  Please stay in your vehicle before this time.  If you are in the drop-off line and you are by the sign to go park, we ask that you go park so we do not hold up our busses.  

All students must wear a mask and need to have one on when they come as they are waiting in line.  6th grade students will be in the far left line, 7th grade in the middle, and 8th grade will be in the far right line.  There are 6 feet blue dots to keep everyone socially distanced while we are symptom and temperature screening every student.  We will be handing out all students their school issued masks as well.

PLEASE have your child check Power School to see what their 1st hour class is.  We will have a list to tell them if they do forget but it will help them if they know where they are going.  We will have staff in the hallways to help guide students.  A reminder that ALL 6th graders will be going to the Auditorium.  Students can pick up their breakfast before going to their 1st hour class.  Also I attached a school map again for your student to look over.


At 12:30 you will join the office staff for our welcome assembly with all of our remote students.  For all meetings you just need to click on the link to the meeting.  If it asks for the passcode we have them available below.  Here is the link for the office meeting.

Office Zoom Assembly:  Passcode: 565778

At 1:00 pm you will join your grade level meeting.  The links are below:

6th Grade Remote Meeting: Passcode: ur1sSA

7th Grade Remote Meeting: Passcode: 1qZUjk

8th Grade Remote Meeting: Passcode: 7VzV6Y 

At 2:00 pm you will join your MS elective meetings. The link is below:

MS Elective Remote Meeting: Passcode: XDG7Lp

Remote Families: I have attached this link for your to be able to have the remote attendance log sheet.  I will go over this process with families tomorrow in our 12:30 meeting.  

Again, thank you for EVERYTHING.  We are ready and we firmly believe that WE GOT THIS!  Let's go Eudora Middle School.  2020-2020 School Year is FINALLY here!!!

Thank you,

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal

Ty Pattison, EMS AP/AD