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EMS Hybrid Update

Dear EMS Families,

I know you all are aware that our Board of Education has directed us to operate under the HYBRID instruction model beginning Monday, September 14, 2020, for a period of two weeks.  The board will re-evaluate at a special meeting on September 24, 2020.  

  • Students in Group A will come in-person on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Students in Group B will come in-person on Thursday and Friday.
  • Both groups will be Remote on Wednesday.
  • Remote Students will stay remote and be directed by their teacher on the schedule for them.
  • If you do not know which group you are in, please log into PowerSchool and it will show your Cohort Group.

For In-person Hybrid Students:

The weekly model used will be an AA/R/BB schedule for the school week. This means a student designated as an “A” group student would attend school in-person on Monday and Tuesday, and participate virtually on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Those students designated as a “B” group student would participate virtually on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and attend in-person on Thursday and Friday. To be clear, when on a virtual learning attendance day, students will need to check in with their teacher electronically. 

Teachers will go through the process with students next week but they will be doing the same work both at home and remote on their hybrid days.  Students were walked through how it will look for them today.  

Attendance for HYBRID STUDENTS during the Hybrid

  • We are taking attendance for both in-person and hybrid students (that are home for the other three days) every day and every class period.  This includes the remote day on Wednesday.
  • For Hybrid students, we are accountable for attendance whether they are on-site or at home.
  • Teachers will be having students join live at that beginning of each class period via zoom.
    • We know it will be difficult for students to remember when each class period begins.
      • Teachers have created Google Calendar invites for each hour that has the links for Zoom.
    • If your internet is spotty causing Zoom to not work please let us know.
      • If it is an issue for students and families that will continue then you will have to complete the Remote Log Sheet, for the two days they are at home and Wednesday.  This is only if Zoom does not work for you at home.  We will need the daily log sheets sent to the school each week either via email or dropping them off. 
    • Once attendance is taken for HYBRID students, then the group that is home for the 2 days will get off zoom to complete their work for that hour.
      • They will then be able to start working on the assignment/project/lesson that was assigned by the teacher.
      • If a student is having trouble getting logged in to have attendance taken just for that day, please contact the office.  

7th grade parents and students (In-Person & Remote) please save this homework website.

8th grade parents and students (In-Person & Remote) please click on this link for more information from their newsletter, google site, and a how to video.  

Remote Students:

Teachers will keep all remote students on the same schedule as this week.  We are so proud of the work that remote students have done this week.  I ask that you do not stress about the full 390 minutes on the log sheet.  You do not have to time your student for every assignment.  They are getting the same amount of work that is being assigned to our in-person students.  Logistics and procedures just had to be completed this week not just for our in-person but for your students at home for remote.  On your remote sheet please put 45 minutes for each class, 90 minutes for ELA, and 30 minutes for SOAR.  That equals exactly 390 minutes.  If your child is completing the work and watching the videos that are being assigned, then you are meeting the attendance requirement.  We just need you to complete the Remote Log Sheet for each day.  The Remote SOAR teacher can help your student complete the form.  You can download the form, sign it electronically by both you and the student, and then send it from your email.  You can also take the paper forms and turn them in on Fridays.  We worked through pickup and drop off for supplies today.  Starting next week we are asking that you come from 12-3pm for this process.  If you cannot make that work we will work with you but if the majority can make that work it would help our attendance secretaries . 

Transportation Hybrid Students

As a result of moving to the hybrid model, our transportation department will operate using the Yellow Phase Shuttle Schedule (link below).

I want to encourage all of you to please come together.  We talked about positivity all day with our students and how we must stick together to get through this.  Please stop attacking each other, our staff, and our school board on social media for decisions that have been made.  Everyone is doing the best that they can do and we must do this together to make it be as successful as possible for our students.  My staff was very positive and upbeat today about doing what we need to do.  We want our students to see that positivity while at school and home so they know we can do this together.  If our students can do what they did for in-person and remote today, I have 100% confidence in them doing it next week.  We don’t have to agree to get things done but we should agree that our EMS students interest is and will always be our #1 priority!  We got this and thank you for all your support and patience! 

Thank you,

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal

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