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EMS Communication 10/02/20

Dear EMS Families,

As you know, our Board of Education voted last week at their September 24, 2020, Special Meeting, to begin a modified in-person schedule on October 5, 2020, at all Eudora Schools. This decision will allow all students to return to school in-person on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays while learning remotely on Wednesdays. During weeks in which there are only four (4) school days, students will be in-person all four days, with no remote learning that week.  The Wednesday dates listed below we will be in-person and will not be remote those days, for in-person only, due to there being no school on Fridays of those weeks.  Remote students will always be remote. 

  • Wednesday, October 14th
  • Wednesday, October 28th
  • Wednesday, November 4th
  • Wednesday, November 11th

REMOTE LEARNING will continue as scheduled.  If your child is remote please make sure they take advantage of joining those live core classes (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies).  This will help your child be more successful and get intentional help from their teachers.  Your child still needs to be logging in for SOAR at 3:05 for the attendance requirement.  

You can probably remember back to our first week of school, that traffic can get pretty backed up in the morning for drop-off.  When you pull into our parking lot and you are backed up at the first drop-off sign, which is located by the first turn into our parking lot, we ask that you turn and go and park to drop-off your child.  If this does not occur it causes our busses to get stuck in traffic and they also hold elementary students that need to get to their building.  You also will get your child into our building quicker than you would if you stayed in the line.  We just ask that you park before after you do turn into our parking lot before you drop-off your child.  This creates a safer environment for our students walking up to the building.  If the line is moving then you can proceed to the drop-off line by getting to the left to allow for busses to come in.  

We are in the process of creating a drop-off lane that will allow traffic to be more fluid in our parking lot.  Once we get that installed we will have communication and a video coming out that will show the changes.  There will be designated parking for drop-off and crosswalks installed to help make it safer and more productive.  

Also, I ask that you please remind your child to bring their mask to school.  We are having many students forget it in the car when they are dropped off.  Please remind them before they get out of your vehicle, whether it's at a bus stop or the school, that they need to grab their mask.  We are handing out disposable masks but our supplies will continue to decrease if we are continually giving masks to students when they come up to the building.  The extras we do have we would like to continue to offer students if they break during the day or they are not usable due to various reasons.  Please also make sure masks are being washed daily..

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time.  We are continually evaluating our process and making changes that we see need to be made.  Our staff are putting their hearts and minds into this process to help make all of our students successful.  It has not been easy and we know it has not been easy for your families as well.  We cannot thank our students enough for doing their part.  Let’s keep doing this together and we will continue to do what is best for our students!

Thank you, 

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal