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Remote Family Communication 10/15/20

Dear EMS Families,

For you families that have selected to be 100% remote, if you wish to have your child move to in-person learning, arrangements need to be made no later than Friday, October 30th. To do this, simply email or call the office and state that you want your child to be in-person at the start of the second quarter, which will be Monday, November 9th.

We will then start to look at schedules for the 2nd quarter and possibly have to make changes to your child’s schedule.  Those schedules will be available the first week of November once we are able to build them off the changes we get after October 30th.  

If you do choose to have your child come back in-person we understand that it will be a huge adjustment for your family.  We will work with you on that adjustment and transition your child into in-person.  This is why all of our remote students are being taught the same curriculum as in-person so students are able to transition without missing anything in the classroom.  We will also have staff and student ambassadors help show students around the school that were not able to attend orientation back in August.  

For all of you remote families, I encourage you to have your child attend all of their live remote classes.  For attendance purposes, the SOAR class is the only required zoom meeting but to ensure that your child is getting all the help and support that they need, your child should be joining those live core classes.  

I also want to remind you that tonight from 4pm-8pm we are having parent-teacher conferences for remote families.  If you have not signed up for these meetings please check the email I sent out on Monday that has those links or email the grade level teachers.

This has been quite a journey and it will continue to be but we are committed to all of our EMS students and families.  We know we have not been perfect but we are doing the best we can and making adjustments as we go to ensure we are providing the best education possible to your child.  We also want to thank you because it has not been easy for you as well.  Through this process it has proved even more how we must come together and do this together.  I hope your child enjoys the day off tomorrow and the nice long weekend.  

Thank you,

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal