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EMS Parking Lot Changes

Dear EMS Families,

The parking lot at EMS has been a topic for many years.  This has been something that we continually evaluate and see if there are ways we can improve the flow of traffic and make it safer for our students.  Last year we made changes to the parking lot by adding the south exit and it helped improve the flow of our traffic.  With the change of our bus shuttle, great partnership with our transportation department, and an awesome safety video last year, it went very well.  However, we have seen other areas that need addressed and a great reason to make another safety video.

In this email, l am providing you with some of those changes, important information for you to look over, and a new safety video that so many love to see.  Trying to film safety videos and watching safety videos are not always the most enjoyable things but we did try to add some more laughter for everyone to see.  Starting on Monday, November 2nd, you will see this new drop off and pickup lane that is marked by safety poles.  Please watch this safety video and also see the changes listed below.  

EMS Parking Lot Safety Video 

Entering the parking lot: 

  • When entering the parking lot for drop off or pickup, you have the option of going to park or going through the drop off lane.
  • We created a new drop off lane that is marked by safety poles that are drilled into the ground.  The video only shows cones that were put in so we were able to film ahead of time of the project being completed. 
    • When you go through this new lane you are not able to pass and cannot go through the poles.  
    • Please allow for students using the crosswalk to go through.
  • If you are needing to wait or don’t see your child coming out, we ask that you park.
  • Also if you are in the drop off lane and the line is backed up to the sign that shows move to the left lane, we ask that you please go park.  
    • We need the busses to be able to get through in the morning and afternoon.  
  • When going to park, we are reserving the two middle rows for parents.  You can simply park to drop off or wait to have your child to come out for pickup.
    • We have placed barriers at the west end of the rows so when leaving you must go back out the way you came into the aisles.  
      • This prevents someone from trying to cut into the lane.
    • This is to allow students to safely walk up to the cross walk more safely.  
  • Students can utilize three different crosswalks for coming into or leaving the building.

Leaving the parking lot:

  • There are two exits that you can use.  
  • The north exit is for left or right turns.   
  • The south exit is for RIGHT TURN ONLY.  
    • We still have families trying to cut in front of everyone by using the bus exit only lane, the left lane in the south exit.  We have also had families try to turn left out of the right turn only lane.  We ask that you please follow the procedures that we have created.  This only causes potential accidents on Church Street for everyone.  Students seeing others break school procedures only opens the door for them to think they can as well.  
  • When coming to drop off or pick up your child, it is just known that it will take a few minutes to get out.  I know the line gets backed up in the morning but there is nothing I can do to help traffic on Church Street. 

Thank you to everyone for your support in keeping students safe in our school parking lot.  

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal