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EMS Remote Communication 11/16/20

Dear EMS Families,

We are living in a world where things are changing all the time and we feel that as much as we thought we were prepared, it catches us so quickly.  The decision to go full remote was not an easy one because we know how difficult it will be for all of our families.  The safety of our students is always our number one priority and due to the high numbers of COVID-19 in our community and schools, we had to act quickly.  As much as we have known that this could happen, we still must adapt to the changes and get into a routine.  We ask for your continued patience and understanding as our staff and students adjust to this change in this learning environment. 

Tomorrow morning we are asking all students to get up and start their day as if they were having school but this time they can wear more comfortable clothes and stay home!   We do appreciate when all of our students are FULLY clothed and are fully out of bed!  As you can imagine this can sometimes be a challenge with middle school students and quite a distraction to others.  At 8:05 we would like all students to log in with their 1st hour teacher on zoom.  Those zoom links and all information should be in their Google Classroom for each class.  Students can also check their schedule on PowerSchool.  After that we would like them to log in each class period.  This will allow teachers to begin to go over expectations and what the next few days will look like.  Remote students that have been full remote can still follow their normal schedule.  If there are questions, please have students contact their teacher. 

Tomorrow will be a natural transition but our staff and students have prepared for this.  There will be bumps in the road and we know technology will not always cooperate.  It will just be imperative that all students stay on a schedule, not miss any instruction, and work with their teachers so they don’t get behind.  If there are issues please contact their teacher right away. 

In times of adversity, strong teams always succeed because they stick together and never give up.  At EMS we are not just a strong team but an even stronger family.  We must not just come together in our remote learning model but make sure we are ALL doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  Keeping our distance, wearing masks, and really just staying home will help get these numbers back down.  We don’t want to be remote for long so I encourage us all to do OUR PART.  We got this EMS because We Are EMS!  

Be safe!

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal