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EMS Family Communication 12/23/20

Dear EMS Families,

We made it to the Holiday break! Back when school started we couldn’t imagine what it would be like at this point. We know there have been many ups and downs this semester but we have stayed together and soared high above the challenges to get to where we are today. 2020 has not always been great to all of us but I cannot forget all the great things that have happened and that I am thankful for this past year. We are better for what we have gone through but more importantly what we have accomplished!

We have made it to the Holiday break, however our semester is not over yet. When we return on Tuesday, January 5th, we will still have two weeks left of the 1st semester. That means there is still time for students to get their grades up before the end of the semester. It is important for all students to be speaking with their teachers about their grades when they come back from the break.

Remote families that are planning or thinking about coming back to in-person for the 3rd quarter must notify the EMS office by Friday, January 8th. The 3rd quarter will begin on Tuesday, January 19th. We will not be able to accept any remote families requests to come back to in-person after that date. I will send a reminder to families the first week of January when we come back from our break.

Last but not least, I hope that everyone is able to take a break over this Holiday break. After today, I will not be available until Monday, January 4th as I too need a break from school. If you are a remote family that is wanting to let me know about coming back in-person you can still email me but I will not be able to respond until we get back. I also have asked our teachers to take a break so please respect their time by not reaching out to them during this break. Students, staff, teachers, and families need this break more than ever. We could not have made it this far without all of you, our students, and our amazing staff at EMS. Thank you for working with us and showing us grace as we navigated some treacherous waters these past nine months. We got through it all because we are Cardinals and no matter what we always SOAR above it all together.  #WeAreEMS

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

Thank you,


Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal

Ty Pattison, EMS Assistant Principal