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EMS Reminders & Remote Communication 1/4/20

Dear EMS Families,

We hope you enjoyed the break and your children are ready to come back.  Our teachers met today and prepared for them to return tomorrow.  We are excited to see our students again both in-person and remotely.  As we start the new year, we wanted to take some time to send out some reminders and also send out some new expectations that we are going to be having for our remote students.

This week and next week we are concluding our first semester. It will be very important that all EMS students work hard these next two weeks to finish strong in their classes. It will also be even more important for students to get caught up in their classes.  If your child has any questions about their grades, assignments and deadlines, they need to communicate that with their teachers.  

If your child is currently remote and you wish for them to come back in-person for the 3rd quarter on Tuesday, January 19th, you must let the EMS office know by this Friday, January 8th

For our remote students and all in-person students who do remote at different times throughout the year, we have some additional expectations that we want our students to follow.  These expectations are meant to help them be more successful and be held more accountable in their classes.  

  • Students are expected to attend every class and remain until the teacher releases them.
    • If your child has a class that is being offered live on zoom, they need to be joining that class unless the teacher says they are not needed. 
    • Students need to stay on the Zoom until dismissed by the teacher.
  • Students must have their cameras on during instruction, with their faces visible.
  • Students need to have a dedicated space in which to work (not lying down in bed or on the couch).
  • Other devices, including TV’s, phones and gaming systems should remain off for the duration of the school day. It is evident that some students are experiencing a lot of distractions due to these devices.
    • Students need to be away from distractions during learning.
  • Zoom codes and passwords are private, for our students only. Please do not share them with others outside of their team.
  • Students will behave as they would if they were seated in the classroom.
  • If your child will not be able to participate due to illness or an appointment, please contact our office attendance line letting us know they will not be present.  *Students will be counted as unexcused if they do not show up to class unless approved by the office to be excused.
  • If you have a general technology question and/or problem, please create a helpdesk ticket by clicking here, using your email address where indicated.  When creating the helpdesk ticket please select the Information Technology Services topic and enter all the appropriate form information.
  • If your child is a full-time remote student, you will need to continue to pick up and drop off packets on Friday afternoons.  If that time does not work or you don’t feel comfortable walking up to the door, please contact the office

2020 was a very difficult year and even though the pandemic is not over yet, EMS is committed to helping our students start 2021 off right.  Let’s have a great new year and finish our school year right! #WeAreEMS

Thank you,

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal

Ty Pattison, EMS AP/AD